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Appleton Estate RUM Factory Tour from Montego Bay

Appleton Estate RUM Factory Tour

Jamaica is very famous for the best rum. The Appleton rum is one of the best Jamaican rum. If you are rum lover then the Appleton Estate tour is one of the best tours in Jamaica to consider. You will learn about the history of rum and give you an opportunity to explore how the finest rum in the world …

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Why Dunn’s River Falls Tour is Adventurous

Dunn’s River Falls & Park is one of the best things to do in Jamaica. We bought combo tour package that included Bob Marley Nine Mile Tour and Dunn’s River Falls tour. You will be surprised that Dunn’s River Falls has very interesting history. In Jamaica, it is believed to be the site of the famous battle of “Las Chorreras”. …

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Bob Marley’s Nine Mile Tour – Spirit of Reggae

Bob Marley Tour Entrance

Bob Marley, the legendary King of Reggae, the Lion of Mount Zion was born on February 6th, 1945 in Nine Mile village of St. Ann, Jamaica. Unfortunately, the king of reggae died at the age of 36 on May 21st, 1981. In short period, he made the reggae famous across the world. So, we can imagine the rest if he …

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Best Jerk Chicken Restaurants in Jamaica

Best Jerk Chicken in Jamaica

Trip to Jamaica is not complete without eating Jamaica’s best jerk chicken at local restaurants. Yes, spicy jerk chicken is Jamaica’s specialty. If you are visiting Jamaica then you are assured to get the Jamaica’s best jerk chicken smoked in pimento wood with local spices. By the way, it is not just chicken, you can get juicy jerk pork, shrimp …

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What to Pack for Jamaica Vacation

Jamaica What to Pack

Jamaica is known for its warm tropical weather and beaches. Your Jamaica vacation cannot be fun if you do not pack the right attire for the trip. Trust me, it gets hot and humid time to time so you must pack the right cloths and accessories. Jamaica Island weather is warm and tend to get very hot during summer season. …

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How to Find Jamaica Vacation Packages All inclusive

As we all know, Jamaica is one of the best Caribbean islands where thousands of travelers fly down every year. During my recent trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica, I learned that tourism plays major role in Jamaica’s economy. Considering the influence on Jamaica’s economy, just imagine the demand of Jamaica vacation packages. Still, you can find the cheapest vacation package …

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