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Oceanside Beach Must Try: Coconut Water Fresh Stand

Coconut Fresh Water on Oceanside Beach

Coconut Fresh stand is also available for refreshment and to keep you hydrated on one of those sunny days in Oceanside. Coconut stand is located right next to SD Lemonlife Stand near Oceanside Pier. This Coconut stand is open during peak season – starting from May through September months only. Coconut stand is closed during winter months due to slow …

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San Diego Family Fun Pass

San Diego Zoo Family Fun Pass

San Diego has many things to offer that can make family vacation memorable. I posted San Diego Top 4 attractions pass review in previous post. In this post, I am going to review San Diego Family Fun pass that can also be your alternate choice during your family vacation in San Diego. Apart from San Diego Zoo and Leogland®, this …

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San Diego Top 4 Attraction Pass

Zed 451 Restaurant Chicago

A visit to sunny California and its birth city, San Diego, is now available with this great Go Select package that includes 4 best ranked attractions recommended for everyone who want quality and fun attractions. By purchasing this pass, you’ll save an incredible 22% compared to individual purchase of the attractions included. Now you can visit 4 top attractions in …

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Southern California Family Fun Pass Savings

Southern California Family Fun Pass This unique pass gives you a great opportunity to enjoy a memorable family fun vacation in Southern California. This Go Select Package includes attractions in Los Angeles, San Diego and Carlsbad on various different types of attractions full of fun. Southern California Family Fun pass can save up to 20% on admission tickets compared to …

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La Jolla – the Jewel of San Diego by the Sea

Seals at La Jolla Cove Beach

La Jolla – the Jewel of San Diego by the Sea On Last day of my trip, we went to the Village of La Jolla, so called Monte Carlo of California. Beautiful hilly coastline, featuring pacific sea life and naturally created cove. Originally place used to be known as “La Hoya” by Native Americans, later it was changed to “La …

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Where to Stay in San Diego – Oceanside California

Hotels in Oceanside California

Hotels in Oceanside, California Finding hotels in Oceanside, California is easy but it is hard to find discounted or cheap hotel rooms during peak travel season. In my previous post, Pleasant stay at Beachfront Vacation rental in Oceanside, I explained benefits of beachfront house rentals if you are traveling in a group. For those, who are traveling in few numbers …

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Pleasant Stay at Beachfront Rental House in Oceanside, California

Beachfront Rental Oceanside California

Nothing could have been better compared to staying on the beach at Oceanside, California. We rented a beach vacation rental home which was located right on the beach, not too far from the Oceanside Pier. Along the beach there are hundreds of rental houses. I would say if you really want to enjoy sunset and best views of Oceanside beach …

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SD Lemon Life – Lemonade Stand on Oceanside Beach

SD Lemon Life Stand - Oceanside California

“Lemons are sour, Life is Sweet! – Both are better natural and Freshly Squeezed” – Loved their tagline 🙂 Sunny hot afternoon on beach always reminds lemonade. But, on Oceanside Beach, regardless the intensity of the heat, one can always consider to try lemonades at SD Lemon Life stand. Yes, I would strongly recommend you to check out SD Lemon …

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Oceanside Pier – San Diego, California

Oceanside Pier in Background

Address: N Pacific St, Oceanside, CA 92054 During my recent trip to San Diego, we decided to stay at Oceanside, beach community village. I liked the idea as you are away from the metro San Diego but at the same time you are close to San Diego’s major attractions. Oceanside features great sandy beaches on San Diego’s north shore. Oceanside …

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Flagship Cruises & Events

A $23.00 value Included with your Go San Diego Card! Your San Diego trip will be truly complete with Flagship Cruises experience. Flagship Cruises & Events are the longest running company in this field so they surely know how to organize unforgettable cruises for their customers. Sail through the waters of San Diego and enjoy beautiful sites of San Diego …

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