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Chicago 1 Day Itinerary

Chicago 1 Day Itinerary Map

Chicago 1 Day Itinerary – Chicago in One Day First and most important thing I would recommend you to start your trip with Chicago downtown if you are on 1 Day trip. As we all know the challenge of getting a parking in Chicago downtown, I would recommend you to use public transportation instead of having your personal car or …

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Chicago 2 Day Itinerary

Chicago 2 Day Itinerary Map

Chicago 2-Day Itinerary – Chicago in Two Days Chicago 2-Day Itinerary is planned in combination with Chicago 1-Day itinerary. After experiencing Chicago downtown and key architectural attractions on first day, now it’s the time to move to the Chicago city oriented attractions. That includes city’s Museum Campus, Fountain, Chicago Zoo, Aquarium and many similar renowned Chicago attractions. Trust me, these …

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Chicago 3 Day Itinerary

Chicago 3-day itinerary Map

Chicago 3-Day Itinerary – Chicago in three Days I believe by the time you are starting your third day in Chicago, you must have completed your Chicago one day itinerary and Chicago two days itinerary. Chicago 3-Day Itinerary is planned to follow after the Chicago 1-Day Itinerary and Chicago 2-Day Itinerary. During third day of your Chicago Vacation, now it’s …

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Chicago 4 Day Itinerary

Chicago 4-Day Itinerary

Chicago 4-Day Itinerary – Chicago in Four Days By the time you are planning to complete Chicago 4-Day Itinerary, I assume that you have completed your Chicago 1-Day itinerary, Chicago 2-Day itinerary and Chicago 3-Day itinerary. There is always a chance to shuffle itineraries based on your preference. Chicago 4-Day Itinerary is planned around Water Park. If you are visiting …

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