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    Default Pros and Cons about living in downtown Chicago

    I am curious whether it is good to live in downtown Chicago or not? I would appreciate if someone can help me understanding pros and cons about living in downtown Chicago. Living in downtown Chicago sounds exciting but not sure if there are any drawbacks.


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    Living in downtown Chicago is amazing. But in my opinion, downtown is more for singles or young couples without kids. If you decide to live in downtown then you really do not need car. Yes, you will be utilizing public transportation, uber, zipcar or taxi. There are plenty of places for fine dinning, weekend parties and activities year round in downtown Chicago. Never a dull moment in downtown. Personally, I would prefer to live in downtown as well.

    But, downtown is not so favorable for couples with kids. You probably want to move to suburbs for schools and some family friendly activities. There are many spots, parks and similar family friendly activities that can be more fun for family with kids in suburbs compared to downtown Chicago.

    In my opinion, living in downtown Chicago is for people who likes to enjoy fine dining and nightlife.... to raise kids, I recommend Chicago suburbs.
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