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When to Go

Peak Season: June to September
Being a vibrant city, Chicago is crowded between June to September during summer season. Weather at Chicago is fabulously delightful during June to September. As a result Chicago has become the hot spot for travelers. Be ready to pay more on hotels, flights and car rentals during this time of the year. That means, vacationer needs to work hard to find cheap Chicago vacation deals.

Off Season: January to March
Chicago is well known for winter wonderland. Yup, and wind chill has its own thunder: D Yup, winter is on peak during January to March. If you are ready to wear proper cloths then you can get the best Chicago vacation deals. This is it, it’s the time to grab a cheap but luxurious vacation during brutal Chicago winter.

Perfect Season: April to May; October to December
Spring time is good at Chicago. But, be ready to face the cold breeze during these months. Also, autumn and holiday seasons such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas time are deal breaker for the Chicago vacationer.

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