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Thread: Romantic Restaurants in Chicago

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    Default Romantic Restaurants in Chicago

    Hi Folks, I and my wife are travelling to Chicago next month for a romantic getaway and are looking for a romantic restaurant for dinner. Can anyone please suggest some of the best romantic restaurants in Chicago where we can savor a scrumptious dinner? Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    You can enjoy a real romantic dinner at Geja’s Café located at 340 W Armitage Avenue in Chicago, IL. You will love the romantic ambiance of this restaurant.
    Tengo Sur located at 3763 N Southport Avenue in Chicago has a real good romantic atmosphere. The classy ambiance along with the candle lights further enhances the romantic vibe of this restaurant.
    Prosecco located at 710 N Wells Street in Chicago is another great venue to enjoy a romantic dinner. This restaurant is popular for its romantic, intimate and classy ambiance.
    Le Colonial located at 937 N Rush Street in Chicago is another classy and elegant venue ideal for a scrumptious romantic dinner.
    I would also recommend Piccolo Sogno located at 464 N Halsted Street in Chicago. It is a highly romantic spot. You will fall in love with the outdoor garden setting.
    For a romantic dinner you may also visit Boka located at 1729 N Halsted Street in Chicago and Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab at 60 E Grand Avenue in Chicago.

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    Their are many lovely restaurants in Chicago for romantic dates. But here are some of the best restaurants which i find when i am searching for mine romantic date in Chicago.
    GT Fish & Oyster
    Special Cocktail Bar
    Bar Avec

    To know more about it visit:-

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