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Welcome to GoVisitChicago.com, your unbiased Chicago Travel and Fun guide !!! 🙂

I, Victor, am the founder and writer of this site, GoVisitChicago.com. All tweaks and changes you see on GoVisitChicago.cm are done by me.

At GoVisitChicago.com, I try to give readers tips and advice on Chicago travel planning and fun things to do. I try to bring you reviews and deals. And yes, I also try to answer all your questions in our Chicago Community Forum.

How I started this blog…..

In January 2003 when I was a full time student, I visited Chicago first time. Purpose of visit was to attend friend’s engagement ceremony. Being a student I was visiting Chicago on budget.

Whole purpose was to go to Chicago, attend engagement party and come back….But, I had some spare time to go around the city. At first I liked the city and didn’t like as well… Reason….Cold winter and on top of that I couldn’t find enough information on things to do in Chicago blah… blah… It was a mistake on my end as well. I did not do my homework before coming to the city.

I was able to get around the city by asking questions to people at the party. I had hard time finding enough information as I didn’t have access to computer and Internet. Regardless of cold winter, I had great time visiting Chicago downtown, Navy Pier, Sears Tower (Now Willis Tower) and couple of restaurants in the loop. By the time I left Chicago, I had  good impression about the city… Windy city has something unique vibrant, fascinating lifestyle…

Story doesn’t end here… matter of fact, in May 2004 I got college internship at Bank of America, Chicago downtown. I didn’t have choice but to fly down to Chicago. Since then I am living and settled in Chicago now.

Back in January 2003, I had tough time finding information about things to do in Chicago, that matter kind of motivated me to start GoVisitChicago.com. Oh well, to be honest I didn’t have access to Internet back then as there were very limited hot-spots or smart cell phones with data plans. I am talking about 4 years before iPhone was born, yup it is amazing how we have took technology leap over years!

My first visit had changed my view about the Chicago. People always complain about Chicago weather but truth is that wind city has lot more things to offer for everybody.

I have a fulltime day job for living but this blog, so called website is a way of showing my passion about my windy city. I spend my free time writing posts and tweaking website. I love Chicago and like to write about it. 😉

Today Here I am…..

On my website, you will find reviews on restaurants, hotels, attractions and many similar topics that can be useful for someone trying to discover Chicago. I love food, and yes recently I started sharing about my experience at Chicago restaurant while enjoying Chicago-style food. I am planning on visiting one new restaurant every week and share my honest review on Chicago restaurants at GoVisitChicago.com.

Overall, My ultimate goal is to do everything in Chicago that can help other people exploring Chicago right! I want to create comprehensive content on my city, Chicago that can be useful to travelers and Chicago locals.

I want everyone to do Chicago right way!

DO NOT Forget to sign up for my Chicago Vacation & Fun advice newsletter, I will try to assure that you enjoy Chicago the fullest.

You are seeing Chicago through my eyes here at GoVisitChicago.com, and I hope you will be inspired to plan a getaway to Chicago and explore by yourselves!

Thank you …. Time to Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Hi Victor,

    Phenomenal blog!

    Gotta toss you a hat tip for the quality; it’s nice to see quality rich on the conveyance of one’s experience.

    I was lucky to have spent my whole young adult life on the island of Bali, reading your blog brought back a lot of memories. I especially remember the holy day of Nyepi – The Day of Silence, when the island is cleaned of evil and all things bad.

    Numerous ceremonies are held in the evening before and effigies of demons are paraded around. Then the next day, all of us – Balinese, tourists and expatriates – have to stay indoors for 24 hours, from sunrise to sunrise. We light no fires and keep off all lights. The airport is shut down – no tourists allowed for 24 hours on this tourist island! Radio stations go silent and satellite TV providers pull the plug. I’m a surfer who lives by the beach and it can be hard to watch perfect waves that I am not allowed to go out and ride, but it’s nice to think that for one day this year, the ocean and island gets herself back. Just the birds out there singing without any darn traffic horns or diesel engines.

    I’ve traveled a bit and each culture has its own special holidays, but this one really is special. The whole hurtling juggernaut of commerce and of more, more, more and faster, faster, faster comes to a dead halt. Wouldn’t it be a damn fine idea if the world had a Day of Silence?

    I’ve recently been working on my writing to develop a voice and always mean to build out my own blog but get frustrated with hosting and all the stuff that goes along with maintaining a website. Despite the fact that the internet allows me to read about people’s experiences half a world away, honestly, I would just love to write and not have to deal with the tech side.

    I’ve had a ton of cool experiences over the years which I’ve been meaning to write up, and it would be great if I could push it out to the universe. If I swing a piece out to you would you ever consider it hosting it if you feel a resonance with your readers? I am always interested in feedback from different audiences as I develop my style.


    Max Richardson


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